Italy Trip 2006

In October of 2006, I was on a business trip to Italy for one week.  During the day, I was working and then at night, that's when I got to have some fun.  

The foods are excellent in Italy.  I tried different pizzas from different pizzerias and loved them all.  Pizza in the USA was just never the same after that.  Dinner usually starts pretty late but I am used to it.  However, I was not ready for the different courses in an Italian meal.  Let's just say I was not prepared for all the great food.  So, you start with alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks and some snacks like cheese, nuts, olives... then came the cold starter with sliced meats, vegetables, fancy cheese, and sandwiches.  By that time, I was almost full and it was not yet even the first course!  Then came the first course with risott, pasta, or soup and broth.  They were so good, I could not pass them up.  The second course, which is the main meal, includes different meats.  The lamb I had was the best so far.  Finally, came the dessert.  The Tiramisu was excellent.  Then came the coffee.  I never knew Italians drank so much coffee and espresso.  At work there are free vending machines you can get coffee out of.  After lunch, there is a caffe room for just getting espresso.  And man were they good.  No wonder I never got much sleep during that week.  

Enough about the foods.  There are many other things that's great about Italy, it's their cars!  I would love to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.  I didn't get to drive one but I did see one up close at the store.  My transportation in Italy was an Alfa Romeo with a turbo inside.  That was pretty cool and it was the first car I saw with RFID keyless entry with push button to start ignition.  The roads in Italy were crazy and people drove fast!

Other than the foods and cars, Italy also has some fantastic sights.  Why don't you see for yourself here!