China Trip 2009

This was the first trip I took back to China since I left and moved to America.  A lot has changed, and I barely remember my old neighborhood.  Not to mention the amount of cars that were on the road along with pedestrians, bikers, and motorists.   I love driving in the states, but in China I was actually afraid of driving there.  

Good thing my Uncle was able to drive us everywhere, and there was plenty of transportation around.  I was able to go see my elementary school and meet my elementary friends and teachers.  I also went back to the country side where I always visited my cousins during summer.  There were barely any people left there any more.  They all moved to the cities, so it was kind of sad seeing the houses all run down with no one to take care of.  

We visited few famous sites and checked out some new apartments that's in the city where I lived.   We were hoping to get Grandma a better place to live, but she didn't want to move away from her current home now.  I do understand her feelings for not wanting to move.  After all that was where I remembered living with them ever since I was born.  It has a lot of memories that we just didn't want to let go.  

Unfortunately, I had to go to ShenZhen for work during this trip.  But I also had family there so it worked out for me.  ShenZhen is a much bigger city and if I didn't know I was in China, I would've thought that I was in Chicago or some other big city in the states.  

I hope next time I am back in China I'll be able to visit other places.