Media PC

I always wanted to watch my video collection on my PC through a 46" LCD TV with the surround sound system rather than the current 22" monitor and desktop speakers I was using.   It would be hard for me to lug the huge desktop next to the TV.  So I decided to build a shuttle PC with some decent spec for internet browsing and watching videos.  I got the parts from and man they are the best! I ordered on Monday and got the parts on Thursday.

I didn't waste any time Thursday night and built the computer right away. Since it is a shuttle case I really didn't have much room to work with. Everything just packed right into the case.  I got the system all built in 40 mins.

After all the hardware was done, I started installing Windows XP.  But after 2 hours into the installation, Windows decided to give me a fatal error and would not continue the installation. It was already 11pm and I was not sleeping until I saw this PC up and running. So I tried the Ubuntu Live CD. Ubuntu fired right up and recognized the Core 2 Duo and took less than 25 mins to install. I slept like a baby that night!

The next day, I played around with Windows and was able to get it to install, finally.  I got it output to the 46" LCD and the surround sound system.  I also had to play around with the display setting to get it to display full screen.  Once all the settings were done, the outcome was amazing.  Now I can sit at the couch and stream video online.  It is still working fine to this day!