Game PC 2007

After the Media PC I built back in May, I was itching for a new PC that I can play games on.  Games like Gears of War, World of Warcraft, Bioshock, and Crysis.  I have done some research online and found some parts that were not too outrageously expensive but still good enough for gaming.  Once again I got all the parts from and as always they shipped the parts to me within 3 days!

Unlike the Media PC, this case is a Mid tower so I had a lot more room to work with, and the case looks just amazing with all the gauges on the front!  I wish I had those on my car!  After everything was installed, the inside still looked pretty empty.  I got the modular power supply, so wire management was a breeze.  

In June of 2010, I had updated the graphic card to the Radeon HD 4870, and that almost quintupled (5x) my gaming performance.  

In October of 2012, I finally upgraded to another gaming computer that I had built.  It has given me 5 years of awesome performance and is still running good.  I am now using it mainly for Stepmania.