Game PC 2011

I started looking for a 2nd gaming PC when the ASUS G50Vt gaming notebook was having video card issues.  With the warranty expired, there was no point trying to repair the notebook.  I will definitely get the extended warranty next time if I ever get another gaming notebook again.  But I did not want another notebook now that I had one that went bad in couple years.  So I went to and started building my 2nd gaming PC.  It was over Christmas vacation in 2010 when I ordered all the parts.  All the parts arrived in the first week of 2011 so it felt like it was Christmas again.   

I did not go with a fancy gaming case this time around since this computer was going to be at my parent's house.  However, I did get the high end graphic card from NVIDIA: the GTX480.  That graphic card is a beast!  It was almost double the size of my old 8600GT.  I installed Window 7 Professional in it, and it is running as smooth as it can.  I ran the Window Experience Index in 2013 again and it is still holding its scores.