Game PC 2012

It has been almost 5 years since I build my first gaming computer.  I finally decided it was time to upgrade.  With the price of the solid state drive coming down, I knew now was the time.  So I ordered couple SSDs and paired it with the i5 3570K.   I went from waiting for more than 2 minutes for windows to get to the start menu on the 2007 PC to 7 seconds in the SSD.  I could not believe how fast this thing runs.  

This by far was the easiest installation I had ever done.  I didn't have to screw this and that to mount the drives.  It was more like unlock, put the drive in then snap and lock.  The case came with 2 fans at the front but it can have up to 8 fans!  I only got 5 fans installed and that had plenty of air to push around. I loved how the 2 front fans have filters so inside the case does not get dusty.  On the 2nd game PC I didn't go with the modular power supply and man it was a mess inside the case.  So I went back to getting a modular power supply.  No more wiring mess.  I planned to get another GTX480 but it was discontinued!  I am still watching the price of the GTX680 to come down to some reasonable price range.